Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center

DAHLC Building

About Us

The Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center is an impressive and visible reminder of Mayo Clinic’s commitment to the wellness of its employee and retiree community. It is our goal to provide members with a comprehensive wellness experience through our extensive range of programs and services.

We design our offerings to stay current with the needs of members wherever they are at on their wellness journey. These include cooking demonstrations, group fitness classes, individual wellness evaluations, massage therapy, wellness coaching, small group training, stress management programs, weight loss programs and much more! We take pride in our high standards of program quality and service excellence.

Above all, we want you to feel welcome and special when you come here, regardless of whether it is your first visit or your fiftieth! If you are uncertain of where to begin, an individual orientation is a great place to start. Here you will meet with a member specialist to share your wellness goals and learn about various options available at the DAHLC.

Please feel free to stop by the center or give us a call at 507-266-4688 if you have any questions.